This website was created to help home owners with projects they can complete successfully, save money and be proud of!

About Us

The Robison's

Why We Started This Site

Welcome to “Our Recipes for Success” DIY projects website. While watching one of the home improvement channels, there was a young couple trying to decide on which home they should purchase, so they could start a family. They were a bit apprehensive, but they chose a home on 30 acres. The wife asked the husband “do we have what it takes to handle 30 acres?” The husband replied “we don’t even own a lawnmower, but I look forward to the challenge”! His answer epitomizes the the reason why my wife and I decided to begin this blog. It’s for couples like this that may be looking for a little help, support and encouragement, while tackling projects around the house.

Our Backgrounds

I joined the work force right out of high school. I spent 4 years working in a machine shop and then went to work for a local utility company.  I’ve been working there for the past 35 years. In that time I spent 10 years as a mechanic, on industrial equipment, and the past 25 years as a controls technician. My wife has worked as a dental hygienist for 26 years. We also have a host of hobbies, which include beer brewing, shade tree mechanic, photography, cooking, wood working and architecture / interior design, just to name a few.

What to Expect

What we are not are licensed professional in these fields, but we do have a great deal of knowledge and would love to share that knowledge and our experiences with you!  There are a couple other key elements we’d love to share and that is to tackle DIY projects in the safest possible way and to recognize your limitations! There are times when you need to bring in the professionals.

So what you can expect from us will be articles on a wide variety of topics. We’ll share our successes and, yes, even a few failures. After all, there is a lot to be learned from both. The goal is to keep it simple, informative and present it with a little humor from time to time. So we hope you enjoy what we have to offer and look forward to hearing from you!