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Cloudy Drinking Glasses

Cloudy Glasses

We’ve battled cloudy drinking glasses for years. There are times we’ve been embarrassed to set them out when guests have come over! When someone asks for milk we are actually relieved because they won’t be able to tell how cloudy the glasses are. But recently we found an easy way to clean them that we want to share with you.

What Causes Cloudy Drinking Glasses

In researching what causes cloudy glasses we found there are two typical causes. The first one is permanent etching. As the name implies, this one is not something you can cure. Prevention is the name of the game. The second cause is hard water deposits. This is the one we battle at our home and have found a solution that works!

Cloudy Glass

How to Clean Cloudy Glasses

It’s best to try and prevent clouding, or at least delay the onset. Each cause has a means of delaying the clouding, but only the hard water deposit cause won’t lead to permanent.

Clean Glass


Permanent Etching

This normally occurs in homes with soft water and when dishwashers are used. The phosphates in dishwasher detergent and the higher temperature drying cycles are the main culprits for causing cloudy drinking glasses. The best way to prevent, or delay, the cloudiness from occurring would be to handwash your glasses. If you continue to use your dishwasher, the best recommendation I’ve heard is to remove your glasses from the dishwasher after the wash cycle, rinse them, and let them air dry. Other words you may be looking at replacing your glasses every six months or so.

Hard Water Deposits

As I mentioned earlier, hard water deposits are the cause of our cloudiness issue. We’ve tried scrubbing them and soaking them in vinegar, but we could never get them back to looking new. I even read a recommendation to soak them in acetone! Acetone is a powerful, flammable liquid that can irritate the skin, nose, and throat. It may be able to dissolve the build-up, but I don’t think I would recommend that! Instead, we found a much easier and safer way to get rid of those cloudy glasses. Oxyclean!  Oxyclean is a very versatile cleaner.  I use it to clean my homebrew beer bottles.  That’s where I got the idea.

Soaking Glasses    Scrubbing Glasses

Initial Cleaning

We soaked our cloudy glasses in a solution of 1/3 cup Oxyclean to one gallon of water for approximately an hour. When removed, we gave them a light scrub with a bottle brush, rinsed them with hot water and let them air dry. The results were outstanding! They were beautiful!

Cleaned Glasses

Ongoing Cleaning

To keep them clean on an ongoing basis, Oxyclean makes an actual dishwasher product that can be put in your dishwashers additive release dispenser.

Oxyclean Agent

That is how we cured our problem of hard water deposits on drinking glasses. It was relatively painless and with the ongoing use of the Oxyclean rinse agent, has not been an issue for several months now. If we do see any signs of cloudy glasses returning, we have a good way to take care of the problem. Give it a try and let us know how it worked on your cloudy drinking glasses.