This website was created to help home owners with projects they can complete successfully, save money and be proud of!


Workshop and Garage Recipes for Success

On this page of “Our Recipes for Success” we’ll look at all things manly.  It will contain projects, tools and ideas for the garage and workshop.  I’ll discuss tools I like, and recommend, and many of the DIY projects they can be used for.  This project list will include many things from car repairs to maintaining your chainsaw.  Although I am not a licensed mechanic or welder, I have my own tools and equipment and have successfully completed many projects on my own.

It can save you money and can be very rewarding.  Once you have the tools and confidence to tackle some of these tasks, it has many benefits.  You can make repairs when you need them; not when the service man can get there.  You’ll also be more inclined to take on some of those “honey do’s” you’ve been asked to do, and who doesn’t need a few brownie points every now and then!!  More importantly you can save yourself a lot of money.

As with anything, you have to know your limitations.  There will always be projects and repairs that should be handled by the professionals, but by having some knowledge and experience it makes it much easier to select those professionals too!  I think it also helps you appreciate the work that these professional do for us home owners and we can all gain mutual respect for one another.  Who know, you may even pick up a few pointer from them.

So I hope you follow along as content gets added to the site and I look forward to hearing your comments and please share your successes with all of us!

Chevy Silverado Headlight Bulb Replacement

My 2008 Chevy Silverado needed a low beam, headlight bulb replacement. I did a little research and the estimated cost to have it replaced by a shop was between $60 and $80. This is a job I knew I could easily do myself, so I checked the price of the bulbs ...
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Sharpen Your Own Chainsaw Chain

Do you have a chainsaw that isn't cutting like it should? Is it creating sawdust instead of nice little wood chips?  Maybe its time to sharpen your chainsaw. Now the question is, do you pay someone to sharpen your chainsaw or do you sharpen it yourself? My thought is there ...
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Ford Taurus Serpentine Belt and Pulley Replacement

For those who would like to know how to change the serpentine belt and pulleys on a 2006 Ford Taurus, follow along. The other day I noticed my daughters car had a small intermittent squeak, or squeal, under the hood of her 2006 Ford Taurus. So I opened the hood and ...
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What is Lockout – Tagout

How many of you have heard of lockout-tagout?  Lockout-tagout (LOTO) entails removing all “potential energy sources” on anything you may be working on. This is something that can save you a lot of pain, agony or worse! If you've been to our “About Us” page, you'll have seen that I ...
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Success Begins with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

     I know what you’re thinking; what’s wrong with this guy! The fact is, this is pretty much my normal apparel, for mowing grass, on those hot, dry, sunny summer days. It includes my hat and sunscreen to protect against the sun.  I hope you take the time to ...
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Dewalt Cordless Power Tools for Home Projects

Why Cordless Power Tools? One of the keys for success to any project is having the right tools for the job. One group of tools I would like to recommend is cordless power tools. Sure, there are many “job specific” corded power tools that are required for some jobs, but ...
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