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Put an end to pet hair – get an iRobot Roomba vacuum.

A Dogs Perspective

Basic 614 Model
Buster and Bryn

Buster and I have heard the old saying “dog is man’s best friend”, but, from a dog’s perspective, do you know what the new saying should be? Its “the iRobot Roomba vacuum is dog’s best friend”! Actually, we should share the saying with all of our other furry, four legged friends, that are living inside with two-legged humans creatures.


We don’t understand what all the fuss is with shedding a little hair around the house, but before Roomba showed up the two-legged creatures were always grumbling and complaining about it. Sometimes the one with the deep voice even said things that made us glad that we never had puppies!!

Why Dogs Love iRobot Roomba

Since Roomba has arrived though, things have gotten quite a bit better. Oh sure, he still yells at us for getting up on the furniture or sniffing the crotch of visitors, but that’s to be expected.  But the complaining about the furry carpet is almost a thing of the past.  They still may have to get the big machine out of the closet a couple times a month, but no where near as often as they used to. Now they just turn Roomba loose for a couple hours, while they’re gone through the day, and everybody is happy!

To – Do’s Before Running iRobot Roomba

Before they leave they do have to take care of a couple things. You see Roomba can get tangled up in stuff occasionally. They have to pick up the little rug in the kitchen that has the long, soft fur on it or most of the time Roomba gets right in the middle of the thing and stops to take a nap.  Roomba can also get tangled up in the wires that run up to the lamp and computer, and will stop to take a nap there too.  So if the humans take care of those types of items, Roomba just runs around cleaning stuff off the floor.



Dog Hair

Hard to Argue with Results

Dyson DC33

Look at what they were able to collect in just one week.  Here is 5 days worth of dirt and dog hair!  Yuck!  That even includes running the big yellow machine (Dyson DC33) a couple times a week!  And it works great at cleaning up after us.  Actually, I’m blaming Buster 100%!!




Taking Care of iRobot Roomba

The humans don’t really interact much with Roomba, but Buster and I are still a little jealous.  The humans make us go outside, in all kinds of bad

600 Series Parts

weather, to do our “business”, but not Roomba!  Each day after Roomba is done running around the house, they take what must be a diaper out of Roomba and dump this big, disgusting hair-ball into the trash! Here all this time we thought that only cats hacked up hair balls!

     The humans also flip Roomba over on its back, from time to time, and clean a little more hair off this brush-looking contraption too.  It’s official, this thing is worse than a cats when it comes to hair-balls! Once in a while they take some of these funny looking things, in the picture to the left, and stick into Roomba!  It doesn’t take very long to do and Roomba is off and wandering again.  For additional maintenance and more thorough cleaning recommendations, see the article on Roomba Maintenance.

Despite our petty jealousies, we all seem to get along pretty good. So don’t get rid of your furry, four legged friends, go out and adopt an iRobot Roomba vacuum. It will make all the difference in the world!