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Roomba Maintenance

iRobot Roomba before cleaning
Clean Me!!

If you read our first article on the Roomba, you would know it does a great job of controlling pet hair. We’ve owned our Roomba for about two years and we use it almost every day. It is still going strong. The battery life is still good and it only requires minor cleaning, on a routine basis, to keep it performing like new.

Prior To Each UsePet hair picked up by Roomba

Every time, before use, the AeroVac Bin (dirt receptacle) needs to be emptied. The filter inside needs to be removed and gently tapped to dislodge the bulk of the dirt that has accumulated on it. By doing this our Roomba performs very well for several months. Every 2 or 3 months we do replace the Roomba filter.

Monthly Roomba Maintenance

You may also need to clean the rotating brushes (bristle brush and beater brush), as well. If you have residents in your home with long hair, pet or human, some of that hair will find its way to the floor. Roomba will find that hair and pick it up. The downfall is that the hair will wind around the brushes, which requires them to be cleaned periodically. That interval would be determined by the amount of long hair in the house. Materials like string and yarn would have the same effect.

This hair can be removed, with the brushes in place, by cutting it with a pair of scissors and pulling it free. There is also a tool that slides over the brush, which cuts it and pulls it free, but the brushes have to be removed to use it. Removing the brushes is not a difficult thing to do and, even though it may take a little more time, allows for a more thorough cleaning.  Keep the rollers free of this hair build up allows it to clean more effectively.

Periodic Roomba Maintenance

Cleaning hair from under Roomba front caster wheel

The filter and the brushes are the main maintenance items. However, hair does manage to find its way into nooks and crannies. So anytime you have it apart to clean the brushes, take the time to clean any hair you find. A shop vac works great.  We even had hair work its way under the single, non-drive, caster wheel on the bottom of Roomba. That swivel wheel got so much hair under it, it would no longer swivel. This can interfere with how well Roomba turns and it could cause some scratching on hardwood surfaces if the caster wheel begins to wear.  If the caster wheel shows signs of wear, it should be replaced.

If the caster wheel ever shows any sign of resistance to swiveling, its time to remove the wheel and clean all the hair from under it. To remove the wheel you can insert a small screwdriver and gently pry it up. It should come right out, allowing you to clean the hair out, and then snap back into place. The only other issue we have had is one of the three brushes break off on the spinning side brush. This brush can be replaced by removing the screw that holds it in place and replacing it with a new one.

Parts Availability

Roomba repair parts and filters
Roomba 600 Series Parts Kit

All of these parts are items that have a normal service life and need to be replaced from time to time. They are readily available and relatively easy to change. After two years of heavy use, it was time to change some of these parts out.  I thought I would share with you just how easy it is to do. I purchased the parts needed for our 600 series Roomba in a repair kit from Amazon.  In less than a half hour, I disassembled, cleaned the unwanted hair and dirt, and reinstall the new parts.  There are several other parts available from iRobot to keep your Roomba operating efficiently.  When the time comes to replace any other parts on our Roomba, I will update this post with those repairs. Until then, Roomba is on duty keeping our home clean. It can do the same for you!


Roomba after cleaning
All Cleaned Up and Ready to Go